How to Transfer Your Juno Email to Mega-mail or Gmail?

Email to Mega-Mail Features

When you are going to upgrade your free Juno Webmail into Juno Mega-mail account then you will get all the access of a variety of features, that would help you to get the instant and purposeful emailing solution and then you will be able to transfer your Juno mail to Mega-mail. You will learn here to Transfer Your Juno Email to Mega-mail or Gmail.

  1. The features that you will receive after upgrading your Juno Webmail into Juno Mega-mail- the forwarding mail feature is one of the features that you will receive.
  2. This forwarding mail feature is allowing you to receive incoming emails direct to your account and in the term of automatic from your Juno email account to another email account. For example Gmail
  3. Besides this feature, you will also get the feature called or named manual emails that will allow you to transfer the email data from your Juno email to Gmail or to another Mega-mail.

How You Can Transfer Your Mails Automatically?

If you want to transfer your data, then first, you need to log in your Juno email account at

  • Then the next step is to put the details which you have or which you want to put on the options link on the sidebar to your Juno Webmail.
  • Now, put the option in “on” to forward all the messages and into your mega-mail or another account.
  • Then, you should click on the General mail link. That will allow you to forward all of them, which you have in your older webmail account.
  • The step is for you to choose the options whether you want to save your data in Juno Webmail to save a copy for your incoming emails in your account.
  • That is ready to transfer into your Mega-mail or Gmail.
  • Now, simply type the Gmail address or another mega-mail to you Juno account to transfer the data or emails to your inbox.
  • Now, do another simple step why pressing the save button from the below.
  • You have saved details and information has been saved now.
  • Now, you can go for the further steps which are mentioned below for your help and you can also get the help by dialing our Juno Email Technicians Helpdesk Number.

The Manual Transferring the Mails

Again follow the steps for your manual transferring the emails to your account.

  • You just need to do to log in your account and then follow the steps which are I am going to describe to you at the end.
  • Step one is for, click on the inbox link or new messages link.
  • Yes, the first step has been cleared, now you can go for the next step.
  • Transfer all your emails to your Gmail account and to another account that you want to put.
  • Nice, you have saved all your messages to your new Juno linked account.
  • Now simply forward and press the send button at the end.

For another options and information, you can call our Technical supports on Juno Technical Support Number and the Juno Customer Support Number will help you to get rid all of your problems and queries.