Steps to uninstall the older version of Juno Email

First, a step that you need to take is to own a copy of Juno software from the Juno website.


Before we start to describe, how you can do this thing I mean, how you can uninstall the Juno software. It is most important that you should have an extra copy of Juno software.

Then, you should uninstall the old Juno software, if you are in willingness to own an updated version of Juno.

Step 1

Now, let us describe how, you can uninstall the Juno software in steps, which are giving by our technicians.

Uninstall Juno software

  • First, if your Juno account is opened, then close it and press the button to exit.
  • Then, click on the windows And search to reach on Control Panel section for further steps.

Note: For Windows 98 user:

Then click on windows start button then go to the setting and then you can click or go inside the Control Panel.

For Windows 2000 user:

Click on the windows start button and then click on the setting and at the last, you need to click on Control Panel.

  • Now, you should click on Add and remove the option to uninstall the Juno program.
  • Then, you should click on Juno software to uninstall from the list, which you will be seeing while in the process of uninstalling.
  • Then, if, you want to remove or uninstall the Juno software, you should simply click on the asked options.
  • If you go to the final steps, that means you will be again asked “that you are confirmed of removing the Juno software” if you are not then you can step back from the un-installation process.

Note: You maybe ask, that if, you want to save the Juno data in your computer or another device before you uninstall the Juno software.

  • Then, you the message, the prompt will show on the screen to restart your computer.

These are the steps which are mentioned above and you can carry forward with it by following these amazing steps by our experts. You are most welcome to the world of technology.

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Steps to configure Juno Email issue on iPhone and Android

Emails are widely used in today’s time to live in contact with everybody, be it officially or informally. Everything comes to a halt when your selected e-mail provider stops working all of a sudden. Same is the case with the Juno email users as they come across frequent issues related to their Juno email now not operating.

If you have got also stumble upon such a problem, then it’s excessive time to get the issue constant.

There may be numerous fundamental motives at the back of your electronic mail no longer operating, if so, its miles great to check the settings of your device first. Also, the login credentials are entered in a proper manner and most significantly, their net connection is working at the high velocity or now not.

If you analyze that the entirety is as consistent with your requirement however the problem nevertheless persists then attempts the beneath-stated troubleshooting steps to configure the Juno electronic mail in a proper way.

Steps to Fix Juno Email Not Working Issue:

  • Open your browser and go to the internet site to signal into your Juno Account
  • Click on the settings option then on POP mail
  • Choose ‘ON-Pop mail to my desktop/telephone
  • Sign out of your e-mail
  • Tap on the settings of your device

Juno Email Configuration on iPhone:

  • Enter the e-mail cope with
  • Set the Incoming Mail server call settings as POP3 (one hundred ten) and outgoing as SMTP (587)
  • Enter the email deal with in the account called.
  • SSL for incoming and outgoing emails has to be turned off

Juno Email Configuration on Android:

  • In the app, click on at the mail icon
  • Click on POP/IMAP for a mail issuer
  • Enter the e-mail deal with and the password then click on ‘Next’
  • Set POP server pop.Juno.Com, server port 995 and click on SSL as the security type
  • Enter SMTP server as smtp.Juno.Com, server port 465, click on to save settings

Once the settings are accomplished or done according to the given solutions and steps to follow above, you may be able to get right of entry to your Juno Mail with none obstacles.

You are recommended to reach out to our Juno assistance or to our technicians if you are still facing the issues in your Juno Email then call us because we have a wide variety to be able to get guidance for your respected Juno Email and then decide what to do your difficulties.

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Juno Email not working at iPhone

Juno Email not working at iPhone also known due to its online administrations, It is the system get to which by and large gives the administration in the United States to give the information all through the country. It gives the administrations like NetZero and Blue Light web, it gives free email advantages to a person to each individual (who are utilizing Juno E-mail administrations) to send and get the email around 35 Kilobytes in size as it is utilizing by the person of you. You can utilize this administration from both of your telephones like iPhone as well and obviously Android.

But, some of you told us, that you are troubled because of some issues in front of Juno E-mail while accessing Juno E-mail. That is why we are highlighting this topic to solve today. Follow the steps now.

Why Juno Email Not Working on iPhone or Android Device –

As Emails are generally using in the present time to take stay in contact with everyone. If the Email quits working one begins getting the inclination that the whole world has been troubled down, there can be some resolutions to it.

  1. One needs to guarantee that the telephone is associated with an Internet connection.
  2. Email address and the secret key entered is right.
  3. Check for the settings.

Configure Juno Email on iPhone –

  • Enter the email address which should end in
  • Mail server name settings POP3and SMTP.
  • Incoming mail – POP3.
  • Outgoing mail – SMTP.
  • In the record name – enter the email address enter your email address.
  • Incoming Server – (POP) 110.
  • Outgoing server – (SMTP) 587.
  • SSL for approaching and for active ought to be killed.

Settings for Juno Email on Android –

  • In the Android application tap on mail symbol.
  • Hit other (POP/IMAP) for the main supplier.
  • Now put in the email address and the secret word tap on the straightaway.
  • POP, server port 995 and tap on SSL as the security compose and hit straightaway.
  • SMTP server –, server port 465 and tap on SSL for the security and snap straightaway.

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Juno E-Mail Set up on iPhone

Juno’s e mail provider works on the Post Office Protocol preferred, which means that it is able to be configured to work with the phone’s Mail app just like maximum different e mail accounts. However, not like most important Email companies consisting of Gmail and Hotmail, the iPhone does now not include Juno’s server details pre-configured.

Steps to Setting up Juno E-mail on iPhone

On this web page, you may discover the Juno mail settings for iPhone and iPad. Besides an overview with the IMAP and pop3 server mail settings for Juno, we provide you a comprehensive guide for putting in your Juno email to your iPhone or iPad.

The actual steps can also range through the model, however, all the settings can be located here. If you do not prevail or you observed something isn’t always proper, do not hesitate to invite your query at the lowest of the page!

Step 1

  1. 1 Choose settings
  2. 2 Scroll down and pick out Mail, Contacts, and Calendars
  3. 3 Tap Add account and select Other
  4. 4 Tap Add Mail Account and input the subsequent facts:

Step 2

  • Name: your call
  • Email: your Juno electronic mail-address
  • Password: your Juno email-password
  • Description: enter “Juno”

Step 3

Choose pop3 under incoming mail server and enter the subsequent data:

  • Hostname: pop.Juno.Com
  • Username: email
  • Password: your e mail-password

Step 4

Scroll down and beneath outgoing mail server, input the subsequent information:

  • Hostname: smtp.Juno.Com
  • Username: email
  • Password: your e mail-password

Step 5

  • Tap save and in choose your email address in the subsequent screen.
  • Eight Scroll down and below outgoing mail server choose SMTP.

Step 6

Under the Main server choose smtp.Juno.Com and ensure the subsequent statistics is displayed:

  • SSL: SSL
  • Server port: 465

Step 7

Tap executed and go to the preceding display. Choose Advanced and ensure the following facts are correct:

  • SSL: SSL
  • Server port: pop.Juno.Com

Step 8

Again, cross returned to the preceding screen. Restart your iPhone to finish the setup!

We, hope you have gotten you all the necessary details in line, and trust us we also want the same. And help you to get the important necessary details about your Juno E-mail support from us on Juno E-mail Technician Support Number 

You can have a little chat with our online executive in case you face any trouble with your Juno E-mail.

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