How to Reset or Recover Juno Email Password

Juno Email Password Recovery

Juno email is one of the most normally used web browsers all around the globe. The users access to Juno email for transferring significant and essential information from one user account to the other. Juno email is a protected and safe way to exchange information. If the user of Juno email wishes to recover their password then they can contact to the Juno Email password reset number to reset the password with the assistance of experts.

Simple steps to reset Juno Email Password:

Follow the mentioned below steps to easily reset the Juno email password of your own without any difficulty:

  • Initially, User needs to sign in their respective email accounts by using the email id and the password.
  • Once the users have effectively logged in into their accounts, then users require to go to the settings option.
  • Below the settings option, the user may go-to option to reset their respective password.
  • For this, users require to tap on the option available to change the password. Then the user needs to verify the password.
  • Once the password has been altered, then the users may save the settings.
  • The user may examine that their respective passwords have been changed.

This is the process to reset the Juno Email password. The user may check it by signing into the account by using the new password that has been reset.

We wish that after following the above-mentioned steps you would have successfully reset or recover the password of Juno email. If not so or any issue comes across you while doing so then….

Dial Juno Email Technical Support Number for instant solution:

In case, the user comes across any issue then the users may contact Juno Email Password reset Number which includes technical experts who have sufficient knowledge in resolving the issues that the users face. User can dial us any time of day; we are available 24*7,365 days to assist you in every troublesome situation. As an independent third-party Juno Email service provider, we work with the motto to offer the best results from our side. Dial toll-free Juno Email Technical Support Number whenever need. We guarantee to offer you assured solution so that you may not face any difficulty.

How to Configure Juno Email on an iOS device?

Juno email is free of cost emailing service started for the purpose of sending and receiving the emails from the person and to the person respectively. It is simply like the other mailing services which have been launched for the benefit of the common people.

15 Easy Steps to Configure Juno Email on the iOS device:

Numerous Juno email user has been looking solution to Configure Juno Email on iOS device. Now they no need to wonder anymore and look for the solution for any other website as below is some suitable solution and guidance for your issues:-

Step 1:

Open your iOS device.

Step 2:

Now in the device move towards the settings application, which has been downloaded by the customer on their device.

Step 3:

Open the ‘settings’ application in the iOS device.

Step 4:

There in the provided choices, select for the ‘mail, contacts and calendars’ and then move to the next level.

Step 5:

Then click on the ‘add account’ option, where you will find the following other option.

Step 6:

Tap on the ‘other’ option.

Step 7:

Then tap on the ‘add mail account’, and there enter the following information which is mentioned below:

Name as – Your personal name

Email address – it must be your Juno email address in the required field.

Description – provide the ‘Juno’

Step 8:

Afterward, move to the mail server section, there enter the following details:

Hostname as:

Username – your email address

Password – your Juno email password

Step 9:

Now after entering the incoming main informational server detail, give the outgoing mail server details as follows:

In hostname –

Username – Juno email address

Password – Here enter the Juno email password.

Step 10:

Tap on the ‘save’ option, and then choose your email address from the next screen.

Step 11:

Further, move down and there choose the outgoing mail server as ‘SMTP’.

Step 12:

Now below the mail server choose the ‘’ and search for the following information in your field.


Server port as – 465

Step 13:

Tap on the done option, move to the next screen.

Step 14:

Select the ‘advanced’ tab and following details


Server port-

Step 15:

Now lastly restart your device and access the required setting on your iOS device.

We hope that after following the above-mentioned steps you would have easily Configure Juno Email on iOS device.

Still, have any problem then dial to the Juno Email Technical Support Number to get the comprehensive help from them. All the members in our team are experienced enough in resolving all issues regarding Juno account. Feel free to dial us whenever need, we are available round the clock to assist you in a most worrying situation.

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How to Reset Juno Email Password