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How to Use Yahoo Keyboard Shortcuts in Email

There are many features and functionalities in Yahoo! Mail that most users like aren’t acquainted with. One of such features includes Yahoo! Mail Keyboard Shortcut. Yahoo keyboard shortcuts allow a user to easily perform one of a kind email functions quicker irrespective of the web browser he or she accesses it on.

Whether you want to compose an email, mark an electronic mail as unread, or spotlight an email, there are shortcuts for almost all such moves in Yahoo Mail.

To recognize how to use those Keyboard shortcuts on your Yahoo Mail account, follow the commands furnished herein.

Follow these Steps to Use Yahoo! Mail Keyboard Shortcuts:

Here we’ve got furnished a listing of keyboard shortcuts that you may use whilst performing one-of-a-kind moves on your Yahoo Mail account.

Yahoo! Mail  Keyboard Shortcuts for General Commands

  • Compose new electronic mail – N
  • To seek – S
  • To delete and send decided on emails to Trash folder – Delete
  • Archive selected emails – E
  • To test email (to jump to inbox) – M
  • To test all mail (such as POP bills) – Shift + M
  • Set off voice command – Ctrl + Shift + S
  • To deactivate voice command – Ctrl + Shift + X
  • To toggle preview window – V

Yahoo! Mail  Keyboard Shortcuts to Compose a New Mail

  • Open a brand new electronic mail – N
  • Attach a report – Ctrl + Shift + U
  • Ship an email – Ctrl + Enter
  • Underline text – Ctrl + U
  • Ambitious text – Ctrl + B
  • Convert text to Italic – Ctrl + I
  • Strikethrough – Alt + Shift + 5
  • Align text to centre – Ctrl + Shift + E
  • Align textual content right – Ctrl + Shift + R
  • To align textual content left – Ctrl + Shift + L
  • To keep an e-mail as a draft – Ctrl + S

Yahoo! Mail  Keyboard Shortcuts for Inbox Mail

  • Megastar or United States of America a message – L
  • Create a new electronic mail folder – Ctrl + Shift + E
  • Open flow menu – D
  • Check or uncheck an electronic mail – Spacebar
  • Spotlight subsequent e-mail – Up or Down navigation key
  • Mark an e-mail as read – K
  • Mark an email as unread – Shift + K
  • Pick all emails in view – Ctrl + A
  • Flow attention up/down the listing while keeping selection – Ctrl + Up/Down navigation key
  • Move to the next tab –]
  • To flow to the previous tab – [

Yahoo! Mail  Keyboard Shortcuts for File Attachment Previews

  • Select subsequent attachment – Right navigation key
  • Pick out preceding attachment – Left navigation key
  • Zoom in on a document or document – Ctrl + ++
  • Zoom out on a file or record – Ctrl + –
  • To scroll thru an attachment – Up and Down navigation key
  • Go back to the preceding mode – Esc
  • Transfer to improved view from a side by way of facet mode – Ctrl + F

Learn the basic shortcuts to save your time while you are surfing the Yahoo! Mail Account.

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