How to uninstall the older version of Juno Email?

Steps to uninstall the older version of Juno Email

First, a step that you need to take is to own a copy of Juno software from the Juno website.


Before we start to describe, how you can do this thing I mean, how you can uninstall the Juno software. It is most important that you should have an extra copy of Juno software.

Then, you should uninstall the old Juno software, if you are in willingness to own an updated version of Juno.

Step 1

Now, let us describe how, you can uninstall the Juno software in steps, which are giving by our technicians.

Uninstall Juno software

  • First, if your Juno account is opened, then close it and press the button to exit.
  • Then, click on the windows And search to reach on Control Panel section for further steps.

Note: For Windows 98 user:

Then click on windows start button then go to the setting and then you can click or go inside the Control Panel.

For Windows 2000 user:

Click on the windows start button and then click on the setting and at the last, you need to click on Control Panel.

  • Now, you should click on Add and remove the option to uninstall the Juno program.
  • Then, you should click on Juno software to uninstall from the list, which you will be seeing while in the process of uninstalling.
  • Then, if, you want to remove or uninstall the Juno software, you should simply click on the asked options.
  • If you go to the final steps, that means you will be again asked “that you are confirmed of removing the Juno software” if you are not then you can step back from the un-installation process.

Note: You maybe ask, that if, you want to save the Juno data in your computer or another device before you uninstall the Juno software.

  • Then, you the message, the prompt will show on the screen to restart your computer.

These are the steps which are mentioned above and you can carry forward with it by following these amazing steps by our experts. You are most welcome to the world of technology.

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You can also have a chat with our online executives to solve your issues within minutes. Juno Customer Support Number  has the willingness to solve your issues with no time limitations.