How to Restore Outlook Emails

Restore emails that still in your deleted items or junk folder emails are you can follow these steps:

first let us see the problem and then we move on the solution. Now I explain with you an example to.Let us see while you are working and by mistake your file is deleted, unfortunately.

Then what will you do??? Yesyou think that to recover your deleted file or folder from the outlook.

However, you get some difficulty no problem at all…I will provide a better solution to restore the deleted files or folder you can read the follow steps which you may help you to recover the deleted file or folder in ms outlook.

First step is when you deleted an email message, a contact, a calendar item or a task it’s moved to the deleted items folder. Right now then if you don’t see, a message folder then checks the junk email folder are only visible once you expand the deleted items folder here.

Now in the left pane now select the deleted item folder or junk email folder .in this if content of the deleted folder are only visible once you expand the deleted item folder then. Here

Next step is to from the deleted item folder select the message you want to recover and select the option recover and also same as in junk message you want to recover and then select not junk this solution is recommended to you for recovering the deleted file or folder in Ms Outlook.