How Do I Import Outlook Express To Outlook?

Easy Steps to Import Outlook Express To Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is free and easy to use for everyone, who is connected with the World Wide Web. And it eases the life of you including me. Well, let me come to the point that, how you will import your Outlook Express to Outlook?

Let Me Tell You Brief Info about It: Follow the Trends

Differ between Outlook Express and Outlook

  1. In Outlook express, each mail folder matches the single mail and folder and file.

An example is here: in Outlook Express, the inbox file is single and mentioned as Inbox.dbs

  1. Outlook: The Outlook saves each mail individually or separately

Learn how to import the Outlook Express to Outlook:

First, you have to install both in your computer that you can precede the further steps by applying these finest steps from our experts.

Step 1

Start your import export wizard by choosing the options just right at the below:

  • In Outlook 2010, you should go for the File tab and then click open to import.
  • And in 2007 Microsoft outlook, you should go to the file menu and then simply click on the import and export.

Step 2

  • Click on the Import Internet Mail and Address and then click next.
  • Now, click on the Outlook Express and then you should go for the further steps as below.
  • Select the Import mail from the checkbox, which you will see.
  • Click on the option of next and then go out by pressing the finish button on the box.

What Would Happen When Outlook And Outlook Express Installed On Different Computers?

If you want to transfer your messages through import and export wizard, then you must have first located the file and copy that somewhere, where you easily can find. Then, you should follow the further steps, as mentioned below.

Note: Copying your Outlook Express files to share folder is not the right decision. You should copy the folder, where the Outlook has installed.

Copying the folder of Outlook Express: Steps to follow

  • Open your computer, where your Outlook account and details are saved or set up.
  • In Outlook Express, you should select the Tools Menu and then select Option.
  • Then, you should click on the Maintenance tab for further steps and methods.

Then, you must click on Store folder to locate the entire path, which you will able to see in Store Location box, that has prompted on your computer screen.

If you needed then, you can modify the view in Windows Explorer so that you can see the hidden folders as well.

Note: the Outlook Express folder is hidden in the Windows Explorer.

Browse the Location, that you can easily find the Store Location Box in your computer. That may help you to easily find and progress.

You should do one of the following steps that are right below.

  1. Copy the total folder that you can remove the media from the Floppy disk, DVD or portable mobile devices. And copy that once again in your computer where your Outlook has installed.
  2. Copy your network location and save somewhere in computer and then do the further process. As you did for the first mentioned one step.

Next step is for you to take your knowledge further.

  • Put your computer on and see where your Outlook is installed. Then, open Outlook Express. If in case you see the prompt to create an email account then cancel that.
  • Then again, you need to do the same steps as go to the Tools Menu and choose the options folder.
  • Click on the Maintenance tab
  • Click the store folder and then click change.

Now, you may browse the location, where your Outlook data is saved.

  • And then, click the folder.
  • After that, you should close the browse folder, for that, you should go for browse for folder dialog
  • Then click okay to close that.
  • To close the Store Location dialog box.
  • You should again follow the same thread, as you did for the Browse Folder Dialog box.
  • When, on the next, you maybe prompt next dialog box for the new messages. There you need to replace them.
  • With the old messages to the new one in the old Store location
  • You should click yes to switch the old store.

Now, do the last step to close the Outlook Express to open the Outlook with old and new messages together in one Outlook account.