How to Contact Hotmail Customer Service Number

 Hotmail Customer Service Number for every troublesome Issue

Hotmail Customer Service Number is considered a very accessible interface and also provides complete solutions for all email necessities of users along with it allows the user to access varied features such as chat, voice mail, storage space, etc. with ease.

It has been providing beneficiary to both the users comprising professional and personal purpose.

 As a result, things get worse for both parties leading to unavoidable results. If you are coming across the same issue, you can get in touch with the professionals accessible at Hotmail Customer Service Number.

Features of Hotmail Account:

 Worldwide users is accessing  Hot Mail because of its most excellent and salient features. Some of the most admirable features of Hotmail Account are mentioned below:

1. Focused inbox– Hotmail uses a focused inbox to display Focused emails that are more significant to you than the others. The other emails stay in a different folder. The service learns more about you and displays the emails more properly.

2. Powerful spam filter– Hotmail uses powerful filters to scan out the spam emails and puts them in a spam folder.

3. You can attach attachments nearly 100 MB and to attach more, you can upload it on One-drive and share a link.

4. Smart filters– Hotmail automatically adds events and reminds you about transactions and significant mails such as your flight tickets, movie tickets, etc.

5. Calendar, Contacts, To-do, and tasks– All the four are included in one place so no here and there! Just one place for all.

6. One-drive integration– You can use One-drive to upload a file once and attach a link to allow view or download the content. You can also select to disable the link to avoid unauthorized access.

7. Cloud integration – Besides One-drive, you can use any cloud service such as Google Drive, Dropbox to attach the files from.

8. Gmail integration– If you use both Gmail and Hotmail, then by some configuration, you can send emails using Gmail from your Outlook inbox as well. This is a very useful feature.

9. Windows integration– If you use Windows 10, after that you can add the mail account and other accounts to the mail app and rule out the world! Yet if you don’t use Windows 10, then you can install the desktop app and add your mail accounts to it.

10. Rules– This is an excellent feature that allows you cleverly sort out and delete your emails from some or all sources via some rules that you apply to your inbox.

11. Add-ins– There is an excess of Add-ins with Hotmail that allows you to add more power to your inbox.

12. Apps– Hotmail is present everywhere with its apps available on Desktop and Android and iOS devices.