How to Fix Yahoo Mail Attachment Download Issue

Yahoo has always been famous among email users for several reasons including Yahoo Support Services and its features. One of the most lovely features is fix Yahoo mail attachment issue. If you wish to send your latest pictures to your family members or some significant file to your business associates, you can attach the file to the email and send it within no time.

Fixing Issues While attaching or downloading files in Yahoo Mail

Causes of Yahoo Email Attachment Issue:

Many Yahoo users have to face difficulty while attaching a file or downloading one. There can be various reasons for the issues including the followings:

  • You are sharing a system file that is unsupportable by Yahoo. It does not permit the attachment of system files as an intruder can use the files to gain illegal access to user computers.
  • The file may have a virus and got abandoned during virus scanning.
  • It may contain some unique characters that are not permitted.
  • The file is coded. Yahoo does not permit attaching any coded files to the email to keep its users secured as it can contain a harmful script to hack into a user account.
  • You will be unable to attach a folder to Yahoo email as it permits attaching files only.
  • The file size is greater than 25 MB.

Fix Yahoo Email Attachment Issue:

Some certain steps can be taken if file attachment is not working. If you are unable to attach the files, you can survey the following options:

  • If a virus infects the file, you should instantly install an authentic antivirus and scan the file. After disinfecting the file, you will be able to fix it. It is always highly recommended to keep a good antivirus active on your computer all the times.
  • If your file has some particular characters like %!*$& etc. You should name the file by detaching the special characters.
  • If the file size exceeds the allowed limit, you can pack the file or resize it. Uploading to a cloud server and sharing URL is recommended in such situations especially if the file cannot be resized or compressed.

Attaching the Entire folder to Yahoo Email:

You may wish to attach a full folder to an email as attaching all the files one by one can take a lot of time if there are many files. But attaching a folder to Yahoo email is not feasible. But you can generate a zip file and add the folder in it. Then attach the zip file, and you will be able to send the entire folder as an attachment.

In Summary:

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