Email Troubleshoot: how to Resolve Outlook Configuration Problem

Are you facing the email issue when you send or receive a mail? So, today we disscuss on this problem. And also give you the solution for this problem.

Email covers a broad category of services. So some errors are easy to solve but some are not. They need some investigation for solve that error.

Befor you begin troubleshooting, determine that your system is connected with internet or not

Firstly, you determine that your system is connected with internet or not? If your system is not connected with internet then that’s the problem so you need to connect your system with internet. And send that email again and you can also get the mail on your email ID.

If your system is connected with internet and you are not able to send and receive the mail. Then, we give you some methots for troubleshoot this error.

Method 1: Create a new email profile

Step 1: Open the mail setup dialog box

  1. Click Start, click on Run, type Control in the open box, and after that click Ok.
  2. It depends on the versions of windows running on your computer, do according to the following points
  • Windows XP:

If you are in the Category  View, click User Accounts, and the click on Mail.

If you are not in the Category View, then double-click on Mail.

  • Windows Vista:

Click User Account, and then click on Mail.

  1. The Mail Setup dialog box opens on your screen.

Step 2: Start the new profile wizard

  1. Click Show Profiles.
  2. Click Add to start the New Profile wizard.

Step 3: Create Profile

  1. In the Profile Name box, type testand click Ok button to name the new email profile.
  2. Follow the steps according to your Outlook versions:
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2010
  1. Click on the Manually configure server setting check box.
  2. Click on next.
  3. On the choose Service page, click on internet E-mail.
  4. Click on next.
  5. Fill all the boxes in the Internet E-mail Settings dialog box. Make sure that the Account type setting is set to POP3.

Note: Enter the information from your ISP or from your e-mail administrator in the Incoming mail server box and in the Outgoing mail server(SMTP) box.

  1. Click on next, follow the prompts to finish setting up your account, and then click on finish.
  2. Your new profile is created. Now go to step 4.


  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
  1. Click on the Manually configure server setting check box.