Outlook Crashes and Hangs While Using With Office 365

Today, we are going to tell you, why you face problems like outlook crashing and hangs while accessing the outlook. There are mostly three points on which we will discuss and sort out the problems.

  1. Outlook doesn’t response or hangs.
  2. Outlook crashes while you are not active on it.
  3. And, outlook crashes when you open your account.

Do Investigation on Outlook, Why These Problems Occurs

You are using office 365 and you often face these troubles, well we are going to tell you how you can investigate the issues.

Here are the procedures, which you can follow

Investigate the most possible issues on outlook when you use and access.

Step 1

  • Close your outlook, if you are troubling with the same.
  • Then, open a run box.

Here are the extra steps, if you have windows 7, windows 10 and windows 8.1.

  1. If, you are running windows 7, then you need to click on start and then search for run search box and then run.
  2. And, if you have windows 10 and 8.1 or 8 then press the windows key and R key

Further steps are mentioned below:

  • On the next process you need to type outlook at run search box.
  • And then click ok to rectify the process.
  • If, your outlook issue has been fixed then you can go for the further steps.
  • Click options from the file menu and then click Add-Ins.
  • And then you need to select COM Add-Ins and then you can click for the go button.
  • Select all the check boxes which you will be avail to see at your windows screen. After that you can easily click ok.
  • Now, you can clear all the selected check boxes in your windows list. By clicking okay, you will be avail to remove the list.
  • At the end, restart your outlook
  • If, the issues are not occurring in your system then continue to add more add-ins.
  • You will solve your issues.

Step 2

Repair your Microsoft office

  • Start your computer and check for the Microsoft office is working finely.
  • If not then go to the Control Panel and then click on the software, which you want to Uninstall.
  • When, you will be done the program by uninstalling.
  • After that you need to reinstall the outlook program and then click right at you Microsoft installed office.
  • And then, you need to change the setting on outlook software by clicking on online repair.

Step 3

Run your outlook diagnostics

To diagnose the outlook you need to fix your outlook connectivity issue.

You need to you need to install the 365 office Support and Recovery Assistant in short form SaRA.

After that follow the steps for to do diagnose

  • Run you SaRA and then select outlook.
  • At the next step you need to click next.
  • After that you will asked some questions, that you need to answer and you are done.

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outlook email support number

The connection issue occurs when your computer is not reaching the main server to get the fixed and healthy router connection by its surrounding.

On this issue, you probably face the connection problems.

Why you should repair your outlook email problem?

We are as a team of Outlook Technical Support has taken the pledge that we will reduce the problems which are often faced by our outlook user and they often get hesitant to ask any firm in this regard. That is why we are serving this service to our users to get rid of from all these email related problem and outlook related problems whether it is common problems and maybe confidential.

Here are some common problems are mentioned below to help you.

Today, we are discussing the Outlook Email connection problem for you easiest and convenient usage of outlook profile.

  1. Outlook Email connection problem
  2. Email send and receive problem
  3. Repairing outlook data
  4. Troubleshoot of common problems
  5. Outlook crashes and hangs anytime without giving notification

Now, Let’s Discuss How You Can Repair the Problem by Repairing Your Profile

For windows outlook 2007

  • Repair your outlook profile using windows 7
  • In your windows outlook 2007, choose tools and then account setting.
  • Go for at your e-mail tab option at your outlook account.
  • And then, select the repair option from the list.
  • And then, you will be seen a prompted message box at your windows 2007 screen.
  • On the next step, you will be requested to follow the prompted messages which are showed to you.
  • Then, you are done. Click to restart your computer and then re-log in your outlook account.

For windows outlook 2010, outlook 2013 and outlook 2016

  • In outlook 2010, 2013 and outlook 2016, choose your windows file.
  • And then, you need to choose the account setting.
  • And on your email tab, you need to choose your account.
  • But, before choosing the account, you need to Sign In (in your personal account) for the further steps to repair the email related issues in your windows outlook account.

All we know is that, we can serve you the best and convenient from our end. That’s why we are and our team is present all the time in your service. And, as we has already told you that we had taken the pledge to give the best service and assistance in your problems, issues in regards of your outlook email and any other issues regarding your outlook.

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Yahoo Customer Service Number for all major and minor Issues

Yahoo is now one of the best search engine as well as webmail service providers that have users all around the World. It is extremely easy to create an account with yahoo. Yahoo also offers a free tool that is accessible on the official site of yahoo to help their users to use their service without any hassle. However, as not everybody is technically knowledgeable it gets difficult for one to follow the guide. In such circumstances we recommend you to contact our Yahoo customer service number to help you with an immediate resolution.

We are primarily one of the most admirable third party Yahoo Customer Service Help Desk team, who provides excellent solution to our users whenever need. Yahoo Customer Service Help Desk team help in removing technical problems as well as also help our users to block an email address proficiently. All the members in our team are highly specialized to resolve all your issues in an instant period of time. They help you through call, live chat and remote access.

In today’s period, we are entirely dependent upon emailing and social media platforms for exchange of data officially & personally. Now day’s apps are being accessed to a large extent, but still when it comes to transferring big size data, emails are in the use, thus it’s quite common to face network issues and web mail problems.  The journey for Yahoo was not easy. Yahoo had been facing lot of ups and downs from beginning. Instead of it yahoo is still one giant competitor amongst the service providers.

Excellent Features of Yahoo:

Along with email services Yahoo is also one of the excellent search engines that offer a range of services to their users. Some of those excellent features are mentioned below:

  • Yahoo! Answers
  • Yahoo! Developer Network
  • Yahoo! Entertainment
  • Yahoo! Finance
  • Yahoo! Groups
  • Yahoo! Lifestyle
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Yahoo! Maps
  • Yahoo! Mobile
  • Yahoo! Music
  • Yahoo! News
  • Yahoo! Research
  • Yahoo! Safety Center
  • Yahoo! Search
  • Yahoo! Search Marketing
  • Yahoo! Shopping
  • Yahoo! Small Business
  • Yahoo! Sports
  • Mail Space of 1 TB
  • Yahoo Mail Application accessible for Android and IOS Users
  • Junk Mail Spam filter and block option
  • Contact management system
  • Yahoo Calendar

The above mentioned are only few of all features of Yahoo Account. It has several other practical features for users.

Yahoo Customer Service Number offers various services for different issues:

Yahoo Customer Service are world-widely recognized all across the World because of our top class services. We know the value of your task and time thus we offer the most excellent support from our side. We not only eradicate your all current issues but also guarantee that further issues may not come across you in future also. Some of the support services from our side for different issues are mentioned below:

  • Yahoo mail sign in and sign up error.
  • Not able  to set up the email
  • Unable to recover or reset Yahoo password of your Yahoo mail
  • Unable to use the email filters
  • Not able to change Yahoo password
  • Not able to change email settings
  • Unable to receive or send emails
  • Unable to block a particular send
  • Not able to move emails from spam to the inbox
  • Problems in Yahoo mailbox loading.
  • Problems regarding How to generate and organize Yahoo folders.
  • Help in formation of strong and safe password for your email account.
  • Help to setup yahoo mail account appropriately.
  • Assistance for Hacked or deactivated Yahoo mail Account.
  • Support to fix email on Android Phone.
  • Two-step verification activation support.
  • Support to recover missing or deleted emails.

The above mentioned are only few of all services. Various other services connected with Yahoo account are also offered by us. No matter how much complex your issue is, we cope them very easily.

Some of the basics that you should know about Yahoo Account:

How to make Yahoo Account?
  • Initially, visit Yahoo.com and click on sign up.
  • Enter your essential information in the applicable field.
  • Choose a username for your choice & set a password.
  • After that, enter your recovery email if you already have it with the other service provider.
  • If not, then enter your mobile number and finish the verification process.
  • Once you verify for number your account will be created.
How to recover Yahoo Password?
  • First, visit the Sign-in Helper.
  • After that, enter your phone number or email address.
  • Click Continue.
  • Subsequently, enter the CAPTCHA code.
  • Now, enter the email address or mobile number that you provided as your recovery option at the time of registration.
  • Depending on the option you’ve to choose Yahoo will deliver you an account key on your mobile number or email.
  • Next, enter the Account Key that Yahoo sent you and then tap Verify.
  • Once you verify the account key you will get a choice to reset your password.
  • After that, enter the new password and re-confirm new password.
How to recover Yahoo mail forgot password via security questions?
  • First of all, enter the Yahoo ID and then click on next.
  • Then enter the captcha code provided in the box.
  • Choose the security question that you have selected at the time of registration.
  • Answer the security questions to recover the password.
  • Lastly, enter the new password and re-enter to confirm.
How to recover Hacked Yahoo Account?

A hacked account has always been distressing the user. Using the mentioned below steps you can easily recover your hacked email account:

  • Initially, visit the Yahoo official site and tap in.
  • Click on account info. It will open your profile account page.
  • Select account security from the options given on the left side-bar.
  • Click on change password on the account security page.
  • After that, enter the captcha and click on continue to resolve the “Yahoo Account hacked can’t log in” issue.

Using the above mentioned steps you can be certain that your hacked account has been recover.  We always recommend you not to save your password in a browser and change your passwords after every 3 to 6 months. Changing passwords helps you a lot and keep you away from hackers.

Fix Yahoo server specific errors

Yahoo Sign in Errors happens due to a server could really be very irritating and is one of the rarest email errors which the user may face while working on Yahoo customer services number. As Yahoo is one of the most reliable service providers and is used all around the Globe. Some time due to service problem user may come across some of the most common server error which the user meets while working on Yahoo are:

These above mentioned errors are fixable. In case a user comes across any one of these errors we recommend you wait for a moment or can try to change the browser and log in. If still, you are not able to use the email you can always call the Yahoo customer service number and get an expert’s supervision to fix it.

Reason to choose Yahoo Customer Service:
  • Round the clock service.
  • Instant call response.
  • World class support.
  • Certified team.
  • Trustworthy technician.
  • Hassle-free service.
  • Guaranteed solution of not facing such issue again.
  • Easy, accurate & best solution.
  • Uninterrupted calling.
  • Good speech of conversation.
  • No hidden charge.
  • 100% Customer satisfaction.
  • No advance payment.
  • Affordable charge.
  • Result oriented solution.
  • No spam
  • Full Troubleshoot.
  • Remote Assistance.
Dial Yahoo Customer Service Number for best assistance from Experts

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Lost contacts and email addresses in Yahoo Mail

Contact lists are the most important list in anyone’s life. As the world is becoming digital and paperless day by day, people stop writing the contacts on paper. Our so called diaries are now digital diaries. Getting the contact list and email address deleted is more than a nightmare for anybody. Yahoo understands this basic requirement in today’s life style, very well. That is why it incorporates a feature to recover the contacts lost by either deleting or the missing contacts in Yahoo mail.

How can you restore deleted or missing contacts and email address in Yahoo Mail

Now you do not have to worry if you are missing some or all of your contacts and email address. You can recover individual contacts or restore complete list to a backup copy. Here is how you can get out of the problem.

How to restore individual contacts or email ID

If you want to restore some individual contact and email address, then you can get them back which were deleted within 30 days. Following are the steps you have to do to restore individual contacts and email address in your Yahoo mail.

  • In your browser first open Yahoo mail and sign in.
  • In Yahoo Mail, go to the Contacts icon Graphic of Contacts icon.
  • There you will get the Deleted Contacts in the left column. Click on that button.
  • Now you have to select contacts you want to restore in Yahoo mail.
  • But if you are not able to see the contacts you have restored, then, skip to the “Restore your entire contact list” section.
  • Here, click on the Restore or Restore Contacts to add the contacts back to your Yahoo mail contact list.
  • When you finish with the contacts you want to get back, click “Done” option. You will now have the selected contacts in your Yahoo contact list again.

How to restore your entire contacts list and email address

In case you want to restore the complete list of your contacts and email addresses, then you can go through the following steps to do the same. But before doing these actions, do remember that if you restore complete contact list for a particular date, then the contacts added after that day will get removed. Therefore it is recommended to save the already seen contacts with you and then restore the list.

  • First open your browser.
  • Then go to Yahoo mail page.
  • Sign in to access your mail box.
  • Then in Yahoo Mail, click on the Contacts icon Graphic of Contacts icon.
  • Now click on the Actions option.
  • Here you have to select Restore from backup.
  • Then select a date to restore your contacts and email address from the drop-down menu.
  • Finally click on the Restore button.

Let the action complete, and your complete contact list and email address is back again to be used by you.