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Technology is getting advanced with every passing day and many new features are now being introduced to make product and services superior and suitable. AOL Desktop Gold is also one of those technologies which can provide you a superior experience with many advanced features. With AOL desktop Gold, you can perform the number of things from sending an email to browsing and searching the information. AOL desktop Gold is a new version of AOL desktop and comprises many new features. Thus, download the new version now and enjoy the services of internet browsing and email services under a single platform.

The advanced features of AOL Desktop Gold are simple to us, but there is always chance that you might face the technical issue while operating AOL Desktop Gold. In such circumstances, you always need an AOL Desktop Gold Customer Service for the technical support. To get the technical assistance, dial on the number AOL Desktop Gold Customer Support.

Amazing Features of AOL Desktop Gold:

Automatic Updates: If necessary, then AOL Gold will automatically update the new version and replace the old one, without even bothering you. So, you do not need to get worried out about updating your AOL.

Increased security: AOL Desktop Gold includes two-step verification process which will protect your account from getting compromised.

Simple to Use Your entire toolbar icons, username, and password, email and contacts will be transferred automatically to AOL desktop if you have made any updates.

Improved encryption All the personal details that you have stored in your AOL Desktop Gold will be available in an unreadable format to any person that is trying to steal your information.

Screenshot Capturing This protects the user’s information from getting screenshot by needless & illegal websites that can cause damage to the individual & their private information.

System necessities for the AOL Desktop Gold

  • To download AOL Desktop Gold, you need  Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, ‘
  • Processor- 266 MHz processor or faster.
  • Screen resolution up to 1024 X 768 and even more.
  • RAM – 1GB
  • Hard Disk – free space up to 512 MB.
  • Internet connection.

Even the most excellent technology can have issues, so does the AOL Desktop Gold. There are various technical issues that you can face while using or installing the AOL Desktop Gold.

You might complain about:

In spite of having so many excellent features, but occasionally users may come across different issues connected with AOL Desktop Gold. Some of the most common issues users might come across are mentioned below:

  • Login issue in AOL Desktop Gold.
  • Uninstall and reinstall AOL Desktop Gold.
  • Upgrade AOL gold.
  • AOL Desktop Gold is very slow.
  • Facing difficulties in the installation of AOL Desktop Gold.
  • Mail is lost.
  • Email icon from desktop keeps disappearing which is trouble because it takes time to bring it back.
  • Automatic update of the feature makes it compulsory for users to keep checking over and over again to notice if the software is up to date.
  • Occasionally while carrying out normal activity in the desktop the screen freezes and stops working. Ultimately leading to a hard reset of the entire PC.

The above mentioned are only a few of all common issues. Various other issues connected with it are also looked after by us under one platform. Although there is a number of issues with desktop gold it does not keep people away from downloading the software. But there are circumstances, where customers have no idea how to carry out this process. The process to download & install AOL desktop Gold can be carried out by following the mentioned below steps:

  • Visit the official website of AOL desktop Gold & download the link.
  • Then open the file explorer and open the ‘downloads’ folder.
  • Tap the install_AOL_desktop icon.
  • Tap ‘run’ and install ‘now’.
  • Subsequently, you need to follow the onscreen instruction to finish the process of installation.

Once the installation is done, you need to enter your AOL email address & password for enjoying its amazing features.

Method to uninstall AOL Desktop Gold

Follow the mentioned below steps to uninstall AOL Desktop Gold icon:

  • Tap the start button.
  • Now go to the control panel.
  • Choose either remove or add.
  • Choose the AOL desktop gold from the current programs list that has been installed.
  • Tap on the remove or uninstall button.
  • Choose if you are interested in removing or keeping personal data.

After following the steps that are above you will have successfully uninstalled AOL Desktop Gold. In case you come across a certain issue, or confusion, you can seek for assistance by dialing toll-free AOL Desktop gold Customer Service.

How to add my missing AOL Desktop gold icon in my Computer?

AOL is recognized as among the first of services that launched an email account. When it first came into existence, AOL offered different products and gradually emerged as one of the leading service providers for online services. AOL provides the AIM messenger, which helps you stay, connected with your family or loved one who is staying far from you. Apart from that, you can use the AOL Gold Desktop Download to enjoy first-class AOL services.

If you have a paid AOL account; you can talk with AOL technical support to solve your problem and know methods to
download AOL Gold. Occasionally, users get to face those issues that have never happened to them. Thus they don’t know what they require to do to solve the issues.

Steps to restore your deleted icon, on AOL Email Desktop Gold

It is quite simple to restore the deleted icons on AOL Gold. All you need to do is, just follow the mentioned below steps:

  • Go to the bottom right of the computer desktop and visit the system tray.
  • You will notice the arrow icon. Tap on the icon to expand it. It will now show the hidden items.
  • There you will notice the AOL Desktop Tray Launcher. Right click on that icon and select to make Desktop Shortcut from the options.
  • That will generate the shortcut icon of the AOL Email Desktop Gold.

The above-mentioned steps are quite easy and simple to follow. Instead of following it if you come across any issue or you are unable to do so, no need to worry dial AOL Desktop gold customer service for Instant support.

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